UPVC Specialist

We know that UPVC doors have many benefits, but the down side is that the multi point locking mechanisms have a lot of moving parts and a lot of moving parts under the stresses of everyday use doesn’t normally end well, when you leave for work in the morning or return home later and find that your UPVC door is jammed in the locked or unlocked position it can be something you could do without – often, people say the door has just suddenly jammed, but in reality the warning signs may have been there for some time, but most people leave the issue until it becomes a problem…often at the worst possible time.

A quick call to Fortify Locksmiths on 0191 6375555 and we’ll get to you urgently, quite often we’re able to resolve the issue on the first visit as we carry most types of the common parts, if we do need to order a part and make a second visit then we don’t charge for this as many other companies do.

Remember, the price you’re quoted on the phone will be the price you pay – no sneaking the price up, no calling back tomorrow for another hour labour charge and no added VAT either.

The range of UPVC services we offer are:

Replacing Multipoint Locking Systems or the component parts where possible.

Cylinder Changes and upgrades.

Door alignment adjustment (which is often the cause of the failure).

Handle Replacement.

Additional Security fittings.

UPVC window Security:

Lockable Handles

Window Restrictors (for use where vulnerable adults or children are in the room).

Hinge replacements

Glass replacement


There are many companies that will charge you more than £300 to replace a common part and there are many others who will try to convince you that you need a new door due to the parts being discontinued, this is unnecessary and expensive and we can always beat their prices, call us before you make the wrong decision.