Lost Keys

So, you’ve lost your keys, they may have been stolen, misplaced or accidentally left somewhere that it’s not possible to get them, I know the stress it involves, it can be a difficult time and is often the reason you will need a locksmith to change your locks.

First of all, it’s worth notifying the local Police that your keys have been lost or stolen and describe any obvious features such as a particular key ring, if they are handed in it could help to make recovery easier.

Often, people forget all the different keys they have connected on one keyring, so remembering which keys were on the bunch that has been lost or stolen may be difficult, if you can remember them, note the different keys other than the keys to your home which may be on the same key ring.

These may include the following:

  • Car keys.
  • Garage keys.
  • Keys for the office or workplace.
  • Shed or outhouse key.
  • A neighbour or family member’s spare key.

If you do hold the spare keys for anyone else then you should consider notifying them so they can take the necessary steps to ensure their own property is secure.

Knowing which keys you have lost will then allow you to make an informed decision on the locks that will need to be changed to maintain your home security and your peace of mind.