Locks, Handles & Hinges

Whether its on doors or windows, as the units gets older you may encounter problems such as the handles or hinges on your window or UPVC door failing, in some cases its possible to make some adjustments and have things working like new, but when they fail then the best remedy is to replace the part and the sooner the better.  With the handles and hinges on UPVC doors and windows you often get warning that things aren’t as they should be, dealing with the problem BEFORE it fails can often save you the upset of having to deal with a door or window that will no longer open or close.


Locks on window handles or inside a UPVC door can fail for a wide variety of reasons. People often say that age can wear down the parts, quite often it’s the excess forces used on the handle or key that causes the problem or in some instances an attempted break-in will be the reason the lock is now broken or damaged, whatever the reason you can rest assured that an accredited locksmith is only a call away on 01916375555 and with a range of stock carried it is possible to have the job completed in one visit.