Locked Out Of Your Home

So, you’re locked out of your home?

You may have locked your keys inside your property or the keys may have been stolen or lost, a Locksmith can help you get into your home.

There’s no need to panic, whether it’s the middle of the night or during the day you can be sure that a skilled, checked & vetted and trading standards approved Locksmith is only a call away – Call 07595953838 for instant peace of mind.

What next?

If you are locked out of your home, give me a call ASAP on 07595953838, It’s handy to know a few things such as:

Where are the keys now?

Are they lost, stolen or inside your home?

What type of lock do you have? Is your door UPVC or wooden? Where is lock located on the door?

Is your lock damaged or faulty? Can you describe the fault?

In all cases I prefer to give an estimate over the phone, with the above questions I can better asses what the problem is and what is needed therefore being more specific on price.  I’m not the kind of Locksmith business to arrive at your property, “break in” and then charge you extortionate prices to repair the damage at a highly inflated cost… knowing the problem and the likely cost before the Locksmith even gets to you is the fairest way to do business.

Where possible the response time shouldn’t be more than 30-60 minutes providing I’m not currently on another call and I certainly don’t offer promises to be with you within 30 minutes like some do just to stop you asking anyone else, but then arrive 2 hours late!  the time I state will be honest and fair.


UPVC doors require adjustments due to wear and tear (or children banging/swinging on them) or extreme weather conditions which can cause the door to move out of alignment.  A Locksmith will be able to realign the door for you before the problem gets worse and you’re locked out…or in.

Try not to force the UPVC door, many customers say that it suddenly stopped working, when they later admit that actually the door has been gradually getting worse over time and things are becoming stiff to lock or the handles have become very slack, either way, forcing the handles could cause further damage to the door and incur more costly repairs.

Call a UPVC specialist on 07595953838.

The most important thing is to not panic, time and time again a locksmith arrives to a door that the customer has failed to open themselves, often with extreme damage!