Home security and burglary prevention

As a home security specialist, I always like to pass on some friendly advice on security matters, but security covers such a broad spectrum I want to ensure you’re informed on how best to protect your property against a break-in.

So, I’m sure you know that burglars can strike at any time day or night, but did you know that most burglaries occur during the day?  There are different types of burglar too, from the opportunistic thief grabbing something from an open door or window, to those looking to take as much of your valuables as possible, to those who consider themselves professionals and are targeting particular items such as high value jewellery or car keys.  The good news is that most burglaries can be prevented with just a few steps to ensure your home is secure.

Statistics show that 3 out of 10 burglaries are happen through an open door or window, so why make it easy for them? Let’s make it difficult and more likely that they will avoid your property.

Firstly, it sounds simple, but make a habit on an evening to check all doors & windows to your home, there are former criminals (and current ones) who are only too proud to boast about their ways, one particular gang states that all they do is roam the streets during the night checking door handles, they don’t “go equipped” with tools to break in anymore as there’s always someone who forgets to lock the door that night.  So make a routine of it and double check!

Consider upgrading your locks to British Standard types.  Many insurance companies will specify that your property must be fitted with British Standards locks, it’s important to check this on your policy as afterwards you may be submitting a claim to cover the costs of a burglary only to find you’re insurance isn’t valid due to your security no being up to standard.  So what are British Standard locks?  Well, with a lock that is classed as British Standard you can be sure it has been through more thorough testing of its security, strength and durability, this should give you confidence in the quality and reliability of any lock which is upto the British Standard, but not only does it make you feel more secure, you know that it will make things a lot more difficult for a would-be intruder.


Lock-Snapping – Criminals can and will use a variety of tools, tactics and procedures to gain entry to your home, it would be very rare for a criminal to spend time picking a lock unless the aim was to gain entry without leaving a trace, one of the most common methods of destructive entry is by means of snapping the lock, the vast majority of UPVC doors have what’s called a Euro Cylinder and due to an inherent design flaw these cylinders are prone to attack in a very quick and simple method.  Quite simply, to protect yourself from a lock snapping attack just upgrade your cylinder to one that has been specifically designed to combat it.

Call 01916375555 to discuss any concerns and the various ways to protect yourself.


Door security – there are a number of products available to enhance your security, in particular keeping out unwanted visitors to the door, this can be from budget level spy holes, door chains or letterbox guards through to more “Smart Security” such as doorbell cameras which allow you to see who’s at the door without you having to be there.

Speaking of “Smart Security” what about having an Alarm system fitted? There’s no greater deterrent to a criminal than a modern alarm system with types that vary from basic intruder detection to Smart systems that can be remotely operated and monitored from your mobile phone, but if you don’t have the money for one of these systems then why not consider installing a dummy bell-box or dummy CCTV camera?


Why not call 01916375555 and ask for a free no obligation security survey, during this I’ll look at a number of security issues around the exterior of your home and talk you through the various the ways the garden can be used to help or hinder a burglar.

Lets talk about Shed Security –  if you’re like most people, your shed will be full of valuables such as bikes, tools, garden accessories etc; so your shed will often be a 1st port of call for those looking around for an opportunity. Most sheds aren’t designed with security in mind and a break in wouldn’t be hard to achieve, therefore you should consider keeping your valuables in an alternative location such as a garage if you have one.

Just because Sheds aren’t built with security in mind, it doesn’t mean that you can protect it.  From simply upgrades such as fitting security screws to prevent a criminal simply taking off the hasp & staple to fitting better locks or even a basic shed alarm, all of these can be done on a relatively low budget.


As mentioned earlier, most burglaries happen during the day but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have anyone snooping around in the dark at night, why not install motion sensor lighting around your property to illuminate any intruders, with lights in the right places they won’t want to hang around too long for people to see them.

Don’t ask for trouble, don’t leave things in plain sight to temp to opportunistic thieves out there and finally, giving the illusion that somebody is home and awake is possibly the best way to put an intruder off from targeting you and your property –

If you’re not going to be home during dark hours then seriously consider setting up timer switches on lamps or maybe ask a close friend or family member to open/close curtains if they’re nearby.

Finally…after all of that, don’t be one of those that hides a spare key under the mat!!  Why not have a wall mounted key safe fitted to keep a spare key safe in the right place and out of the hands of an opportunistic thief?


All of the above can be done at relatively little expense compared to the costs sustained during a break-in so for any further advice please call 01916375555.