Glass Replacement

Do you have problem double glazed windows?

Do you have a failed double-glazed unit seal?

Does your glass appear misted or have condensation inside?

Cracked double glazing?


Why waste thousands of pounds on brand new windows when it’s just the glass that needs to be replaced.

I can replace the glass in failed double-glazed units or the handles, locks or hinges but not the frames.  I pride myself on customer satisfaction, competitive prices and cleanliness.

I can replace your units like for like or you have the option to upgrade the unit to something more modern from a wide range of glass including toughened, patterned, argon filled or self cleaning units.

The new units are fully guaranteed. I offer a quick and clean installation so you aren’t left with any mess to clean up.  Lastly, I don’t take any deposits which offers a peace of mind as I only take payment on completion when you are satisfied with the work.


So why do you get condensation in double glazed units?

Double glazed units are traditionally manufactured with an aluminium frame containing silica beads sandwiched between two panes of glass and sealed with a polymer compound around the edges. Once the unit is sealed the silica beads remove all the moisture from within the unit providing a moisture free environment.

Over time this external seal can deteriorate and let moist air seep into the double glazing unit itself. Any moist air entering will be absorbed until the silica beads become saturated and cannot retain any more water, at which point, the moisture will begin to appear as condensation.

Because of the way double glazed units are made, it is not feasible to repair the unit.

The easiest and most cost effective way of dealing with this problem is to replace the double glazed unit.